Fix the broken system and people will fix the issues

We've been working within a broken system for years now for two reasons.

  1. Increasing political polarization has led to gridlock in Washington D.C. Rather than work together, one side tries to pass their agenda, and the other side filibusters. If we want to be a more effective government, we have to re-establish cooperation as a value, not a weakness. 

  2. At the same time, corruption is giving corporations a bigger voice than you or me. It is perfectly legal for corporations to fund campaigns (or threaten not to) or to give an advance offer to Congressional Representatives for lavish positions at their company when they leave office.

This has to stop. 

The following ideas are meant to A) address America's divide, and B) address corruption in American politics. Until we fix those two issues, our government will continue to degenerate.

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Undividing America

These bipartisan ideas are grounded in conservative pragmatism, while answering progressives' calls for inclusion. I will only introduce these policies with the co-sponsorship of a member of the opposite party.

Ranked-choice voting

Ranked-choice voting better represents the people, enables third-party candidates, and effectively ends gerrymandering.

Reining in big tech

Right now, billion-dollar tech companies are using your data to create custom clickbait worlds that are tearing America apart. But what if your data was yours to sell or keep?

A free market climate response

A carbon dividend puts money in your pocket, empowers the free market, and beats the goals of the Paris Climate Accords.

Open debates

We need more diversity of thought in politics. Campaign debates should include the highest polling third party candidate.

Joining the Problem Solvers Caucus

I'll be joining the fully bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus as soon as they'll have me.

Government Building

Uprooting corruption

The following policies take power from corporations and special interest groups and gives it back to the people. They also address threats to our republic like gerrymandering, legal bribery, and America's political duopoly.

12-year term limits

97% of PAC money goes to incumbents from special interest groups, resulting in career politicians who have ample time for absolute power to corrupt absolutely.

Simplify the tax code

Thanks to special interests, our tax code has 2,652 pages. It needs less than 20. This would shrink the size of government and make sure everyone pays their fair share.

4-year House Terms

House members have 9 months to make policy before they're campaigning again. That's just dysfunctional. We need a new amendment to bring function to the House.

Shining a light on dark money

Currently, corporations can conceal their donations by giving to a 501c4 nonprofit, which then donates to a PAC. We need full transparency so we know who's influencing our representatives.

Making bribery illegal

It's perfectly legal for members of Congress to accept advance job offers for millions of dollars from special interests without telling voters. That has to change.

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No brainers

Good ideas we should have passed decades ago.

Nuking climate change

We should be responsibly deregulating nuclear and building plants as fast as we can. Not decommissioning them.

Cut needless FAA regulations

From cell phone use, to private pilots as common carriers, to electric flight travel, the FAA is ruining flying, and you don't even know it.

Extend daylight savings

Fewer car accidents, lower crime, more economic activity, and never "springing forward" again.

If you disagree now, let's talk in March.

Promote Lincoln to the $1 coin

It's estimated this one act would save the government more than $15 billion in the next 30 years.

General issues

The Free Market

America's chief export is innovation. From lightbulbs, to cars, to the screen you're reading this on, American capitalism has revolutionized the world. Why would we want to take that competitive edge away? 

When it comes to the free market, I support as little government intervention as possible, and as much as necessary. The government's job is to set the minimum rules necessary to protect consumers, the market's job is to serve consumers for a profit within those bounds.


If our greatest export is innovation, our greatest import is immigrants. For the past century, the world's best minds and hardest workers have flocked to America to create some of the world's greatest inventions and companies. While our adversaries are weakened by the loss of their star talent, we are strengthened. We must not lose this competitive advantage.

Entering the United States illegally should not be preferable to entering legally. I support strong border policy combined with a clear, fast path to legal entry for those hard-working, brilliant immigrants who want to become part of the American dream. 

Fiscal Responsibility

The federal budget hasn't recorded a surplus since 2001. Never-ending spending sprees are a way for politicians to get votes now, while putting future generations at the mercy of foreign adversaries. I support common sense spending reductions across the board, and the simplification of the tax code to ensure that the wealthy elite and corporations are paying their fair share to finance our government.

Health Care

America lags behind the free world in terms of healthcare value. And yet we lead the world in healthcare innovation. How can we provide affordable care for all, without losing our edge in new technology, medicines, and treatments?

I will support laws that put an end to surprise medical bills which leave the sick in financial ruin. I will also support price transparency laws that establish a true free market in health care, so long as we maintain a strong social safety net for those who fall through the cracks. 


The future of our nation rests on the shoulders of our educators. If we want to attract and keep talent in education, teachers need a living salary. I will fight to bring increased funding to our educators so that teaching is an attractive career option, not a barely livable sacrifice.

The 2nd amendment

In the short term, guns allow us to protect ourselves and our homes. In the long term, they protect us from internal tyranny or foreign invasion.

The right to bear arms should not be infringed. I will support laws that address gun violence while protecting law abiding citizens' 2nd amendment rights.

Equality of opportunity, not outcome

Countries that reward hard work, get more hard workers. Countries that don't, won't. 

I am 100% committed to a merit-based economy for Americans, regardless of skin color, race, religion, or sexual orientation. There is nothing morally wrong with the success of billionaires, unless those billionaires pull the ladder up after themselves. 

I will support policies that reward innovation and hard work for every American, from the bottom rung to the top. Class mobility is part of the American dream, and that promise must not fade.

Have other good policy ideas or issues you'd like to see addressed?

It's your America too. Shoot us a message, and let's get to work.