Open Debates

Fresh ideas in politics, and empowering third party candidates

They call America's political system a two party duopoly with good reason. Republicans' and Democrats' stranglehold on Washington results in many of the same oppressive, competition-killing practices that monopolies employ. 

Despite Republicans' and Democrats' political dominance, neither are our nation's largest block of voters. That title goes to Independents, who make up 40% of Americans as of August, 2021. And yet 99% of our federal representatives are either Democrat or Republican.

That's a failure of representative government.

One reason we never elect third party candidates is that we never see their faces or hear their voices thanks to the monopolistic practices of our nation's two biggest parties. We can address this issue is by opening up debates to the highest-polling third party candidate. Combined with Ranked-choice Voting, this policy allows voters to make informed decisions about other names on the ballot, while giving Democrats and Republicans more incentives to be competitive in the marketplace of ideas.