Reining in Big Tech

Fix America's polarization problem, while putting money in your pocket.

One of the blessings and curses of capitalism is that sometimes change happens faster than we can keep up. While the internet has resulted in unprecedented innovation, our government has floundered to establish clear rules to protect the consumer. As a result, you've been robbed blind of one of your most valuable assets: your data.


Big tech is selling your personal information to the highest bidder and feeding your data to unchecked AI whose sole purpose is to addict you to their platform. The result is billions of highly personalized echo chambers brimming with clickbait, misinformation, and outrage porn. 

Thanks to this market failure, Americans are no longer living in the same reality. We believe in a world filled with malignant intent, resulting in unprecedented ideological civil warfare.

But what if your data was yours to sell or keep private? 

If you owned your own data, and tech companies had to pay to use it, user targeting would be limited by big tech's budgets. It would become less precise, all-knowing, and damaging. At the same time, you could choose whether to A) receive a check every month for allowing companies to use your information, or B) bar companies from using your information at all.

The result is more power (and money) in the consumer's hands, and a society that isn't being torn apart by highly sophisticated AI, designed to keep you online no matter the cost.