Simplifying the Tax Code

Decreased complexity, increased fairness

Our tax ​code is ridiculously complicated, riddled with loopholes written by corporate lobbyists. Americans spend days every year attempting to do taxes themselves to save some money, or  collectively spend over $110 billion a year for accountants to take care of it. 

And while you and I are paying taxes on our hard-earned money to fund our government, 55 of America's largest companies paid $0 in federal taxes in 2020 by filing tax returns that were thousands of pages long, written by an army of accountants using loopholes they lobbied for.

We need to eliminate the corporate loopholes designed to keep the IRS' hands tied while keeping the tax breaks that encourage productive behaviors at the citizen level. 

It's time for everyone to pay their fair share so that we can balance the federal budget, decrease bureaucratic complexity for the average American, and increase the effectiveness of the IRS.