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The most prosperous nation in the world should have a balanced budget and a protected populace.

Self-reliance and industry are cornerstones of Utah living. Self-sufficiency means maintaining a decent standard of living and not having to choose between basic necessities. At the same time, we know that many in Utah struggle to meet those basic needs, often perpetuated from generation to generation because of a chronic lack of infrastructures to support education, transportation, and health. The two party duopoly would have us falsely choose between a hand-out economy that offers little incentive to work and a sink-or-swim economy in which millions drown. I think we can do better. 


The government should work to eliminate debt, protect against financial hardship, and invest in our future as wise stewards of the people. I advocate for social safety nets that adequately provide for the base material needs of the most vulnerable in society. These programs should help Americans to find a path out of poverty and unemployment by providing them with the tools they need in order to fully participate in the workforce again with dignity, and not trap them under the thumb of a welfare state.