Shining a light on dark money

Increased transparency keeps our elected officials accountable

It's currently illegal for corporations to donate to candidates. But it's perfectly legal for a corporation to donate to a 501c(4), and then for that 501c(4) to donate to a PAC, and then for that PAC to donate to a candidate.

By using the 501c(4), corporate money becomes untraceable. But our elected officials know exactly where their money is coming from. Before every floor vote, many of our elected officials are thinking about how this will look to the special interests who keep them in office.

Citizens United made it very difficult to reverse this anti-American practice. But we can shine a light on it. I support laws that will mandate full transparency in the fundraising process so that we know exactly where candidates are getting their money, and how it might be affecting their votes. 

Corruption breeds in darkness. Let's turn the lights on.