Cut needless FAA regulations

Unlock electric flight travel and the flight sharing industry

I'm not sure when the airline industry infiltrated the Federal Aviation Administration, but they sure seem to be committing a lot of regulatory overreach to stop game-changing innovations. 

Ever wondered why there's no Uber for flight travel? There was! Companies like Airpooler and Flytenow allowed passengers to hitch rides with private pilots who were headed their same direction, usually for the cost of gas. It was a win-win situation, until the FAA decreed that only commercial pilots, not private ones, can operate as common carriers. And just like that, the flight sharing industry was legislated out of existence.

Ever wondered why there's little to no electric flight travel? The FAA's requirements for light-sport aircraft specifically state that they must have "a single, reciprocating engine." That one line of regulation has ensured that these clean, green, flying machines can't make it through FAA certification. 

And when was the last time a plane crashed because someone didn't put their phone in airplane mode? Please. I've got candy to crush.


It's high time to responsibly repeal regulatory overreaches from the FAA, and see what revolutionary innovations the free market cooks up.