Not Right. Not Left. Forward.

Welcome to the radical center

Utah District 4 is special. It's one of the few districts in the United States where the winner could be Democrat or Republican on any given year. Here, we're sick of partisan politics and headline grabbing. It's time to bring collaborative problem solving back to Washington.


What I stand for:

In 2019 I testified to the U.S. Senate about a new alternative to the Far Left and the Far Right: the Far Middle.

In the Far Middle, Americans work together despite their differences. The Far Middle is where real progress happens.
In recent years, Far Middlers have been drowned out by the political extremes, and as a result, our republic has suffered. 

Utah's District 4 is about to lead the movement to fix it.

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Q: So how do we bring the Far Middle to Washington?

A: Through collaborative, compassionate conservatism.

Every time we seek a win for our party rather than a win for our nation, we lose decades of progress on crucial issues. I will never introduce legislation in Congress without a Democrat cosponsor. My policies will champion the free market and conservative ideals, while empowering class mobility and equal opportunity for all. 

If you're sick of partisan politics, you've found your people.
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