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Keep capitalism strong and small businesses unfettered

Free enterprise is the backbone of a healthy, happy economy. A healthy economy depends upon local job growth, new and growing businesses, entrepreneurs, and valued workers who are treated fairly. In a truly free market, there is vigorous competition and no firm is big enough to dominate the market and keep competition out. Too often, free markets are hindered either by Big Government intervention or Big Business monopolization. In either case, wealth ends up in the hands of an elite few instead of the common worker or struggling entrepreneur. While Democrats are often guilty of over-regulation of the free market, Republicans too often cater to the whims of large corporations. In this way, both parties are equally responsible for pushing out small businesses, keeping prices high and wages low, and overall strangling the economy and the working class. My goal is to allow single-income families and individuals to support themselves with dignity.


I support policies that empower family-owned businesses, private property, local production, and greater personal ownership. We do this by allowing local governments greater decision-making regarding their own lands, and businesses. Giving local communities greater flexibility will allow for more diverse and innovative solutions to local problems rather than imposing them from some central authority (i.e. the Federal Government). We keep checks and balances on large corporations with common sense anti-trust laws to break up the oligarchies that use their private power to lobby for influence. 


Over 99 percent of America’s 28.7 million firms are small businesses, which also accounts for 43.5 percent of the United States’ GDP. The fact is, small businesses drive innovation, jobs, and economic growth. They bring revenue to the local economies by offering jobs, local products, paying sales and property tax, and using local vendors and supporting services. Small businesses are the unsung heroes of the United States economy.