Meet Nick Huey

I come from a multigenerational Utah family – my early ancestors crossed the plains with Brigham Young and the pioneers. I myself was born in American Fork, and when I settled down to start my family, I chose to live in District 4, because I wanted to be in a district that didn't just vote along party lines. 


I graduated from BYU in 2018, majoring in Communications. While I was there, I also married Adley, the love of my life and high school sweetheart.


After a successful career working with big brands in advertising like Domino's Pizza, the American Heart Association, and others, I founded a consulting agency, Terratect Inc. We help nonprofits to bring followers to their cause. 


In recent years, I've seen American politics fall into bare-knuckle tribalism. In 2019, I testified before the Senate about re-establishing collaboration and civility as virtues in American politics. My words went largely unheeded. Now, I am fighting to go back to Congress, only this time as an actual Congressman, to do something about it. 


I want my children to grow up in a world with kind leaders, clean air, and unprecedented prosperity. If that vision appeals to you, let's team up to solve the world's biggest problems together.